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Mimarlık: Hizmetler
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Istanbul / Turkey

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Zone Design Store


Zone Design, we blend art and craftsmanship to create unique and vibrant designs. We strive to support women's labor and promote environmentally friendly production. While using recycled materials to craft high-quality products, we also ensure fair working conditions. Additionally, we embrace sustainability, advocating for slow fashion and abstaining from using animal-based materials. As Zone Design, we're growing every day in our journey to create a distinctive world of our own. With our expanding product range and team, we hope you can find something that resonates with you in our colorful world and join us on our path of growth together!


hi, I'm Eda

I'm the founder and designer of this brand.

My education life started with the Department of Industrial Engineering, continued at the Department of Architecture due to my passion for art and architecture. Later, when I was working as an architect, I became the Department of Sociology student due to my interest in people.
When I couldn't find enough free space in the business life, my passion for creating my own space pushed me on a new journey with Zone Design. With all my multidisciplinary backgrounds, I have created a world where I design, draw and write freely.

Since I don’t want to put my products into a mold in this world where we are asked to stereotype everything. I  produce whatever comes in to my mind. Therefore, the product variety is increasing day by day.

Because of this variety, I have to work with different teammates for each product. The common point is that I prioritize women in my teammates to support women. We produce products with a lot of effort and love togerher.
The most important issue for us is taking environmentally friendly steps and ensuring fair working conditions.

I hope you can find something to accompany your journey in this zone that I have created.

You can contact us for the things that are on your mind.


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